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Barossa Made Hamper


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To capture the essence of our Barossa home, we have partnered with Barossa Baskets to create two delightful 'Barossa Made Hampers' - just in time for Father's Day! Filled to the brim with some of Barossa's finest local producers (and your favourite Barossa gins), prepared with love, and presented in a ribbon-wrapped gift box, these Barossa Made Hampers are perfect for celebrating the father in your life.

1x Barossa Dry Gin (500ml)
1x Barossa Shiraz Gin (500ml)
2x CAPI Dry Tonic (250ml)
1x Steiny's Garlic Mettwurst (350gm)
1x Zimmy's Pickled Onion Relish (250gm)
1x Blatchy's Fruit & Nut Mix
1x Blatchy's Chocolate Sultanas


    • What is gin?

      Traditionally, Gin is a neutral spirit that is re-distilled with botanicals. To be categorised as a gin, the only requirement is it must have juniper berries as one of these botanicals. There is no prescribed amount of juniper required.

      In addition to Juniper, we use a range of common and uncommon botanicals in our Seppeltsfield Rd Distillers gin, including coriander seed, citrus peel (orange, lemon, grapefruit), angelica root, star anise, pink peppercorns, Barossa lavender, chamomile, and elderflower, just to name a few.

    • How is your gin made?

      Our gin is produced by re-distilling an ultra-premium, neutral grape spirit with a carefully curated selection of botanicals.

      This is all done in our still 'Christine', through a combined process of pot distillation and vapour infusion.

      Our Barossa Shiraz Gin along with our Semi-Gin is produced by then macerating fresh Shiraz or Semillion grapes in still-strength gin.

      The starting grape spirit is made by local Barossa business, Tarac Technologies, who create an ultra-premium neutral spirit from recycled winery waste.

    • Where is your gin made?
      All of our gins are distilled onsite at our distillery & tasting room in Marananga, Barossa in our beautiful copper still named 'Christine'.
    • How long does a bottle of gin last?

      Not very long; we drink it too quick!

      In all seriousness though, if unopened, a bottle of gin can last several years, but once opened the spirit can oxidise, which can change the flavour and aromas. We recommend using an opened bottle within 12 months.

      We are always happy to send you more.

    • Is your gin gluten fee?


      Our gin contains no additives or fining agents and is made solely from ethanol, a selection of botanicals and water.

    • Is your gin vegan?

      Our distillery team does not use any animal products or by-products in the production of our gin, which contains no additives or fining agents and is made solely from grape spirit (ethanol), a selection of botanicals, and water.

      The neutral grape-based spirit shouldn't contain any animal by-products, but as we don’t control this part of the supply chain, we cannot claim our products are 100% vegan.

    • I've bought your gin online. How long will it take to arrive?

      We despatch orders from the Barossa every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through Australia Post.

      Once dispatched, you will receive tracking details providing you with an approximate ETA.

    • Can I purchase your gin in the United Kingdom?


      Our gins are now available in the UK from online stores Craft Gin Club and Spirits Kiosk.

    • Can I purchase your gin in New Zealand?


      Our gins are available in New Zealand from a number of outlets inclusing Liquor Legends NZ and Black Market NZ.

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