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Meet our ground-breaking gin & latest addition!

“I was inspired after being introduced to waxflower – a genus of shrubs native to Western Australia.  It was sent to me to trial in distillation and I fell in love with the umami.  The floral notes of this botanical, along with the of indigenous flavours had me captivated, and it sent me down a path of producing a native-focused gin,” – Nicole.


Seppeltsfield Road Distillers Barossa Valley Tasting Room Native Ground Gin Botanicals



Outside of juniper, you won’t find anything ‘traditional’ in our Native Ground Gin. Fresh citrus is nowhere to be seen, and the classic London Dry style takes a backseat for our refreshing step away from signature SRD profiles (like our Barossa Dry and House Gin’s) to celebrate the flavours naturally found in the Australian landscape.

Seppeltsfield Road Distillers Native Ground Gin Barossa Valley



Introducing; SRD Native Ground Gin. Using only a hint of finger lime to soften the bold eucalypt flavour, our Head Distiller, Nicole, describes the delicately intertwined botanicals perfectly;

“Native Peppermint Box and Tasmanian pepperberry give this gin warm spice notes of mint and pepper, which balance nicely alongside prominent juniper. The waxflower adds a floral savouriness through the middle of the palette, with lemon myrtle and finger lime providing a hint of citrus.”


Nicole Durdin, Head Distiller Collecting Botanicals for Seppeltsfield Road Distillers Native Ground Gin

It doesn’t get much more ‘locally sourced’ than botanicals growing right out the front of our Tasting Room. Ensuring not to disrupt the Peppermint box (eucalyptus odorata)  we will be working closely with Seppeltsfield Road Biodiversity Group and Barossa Bushgardens on projects that ensure the sustainability of this at risk native species in order to give back what we take away.

It wouldn’t be an ‘SRD’ gin without input from the whole crew. We all came together for the naming of the new addition to our family, and all agreeing ‘Native Ground’ best represented our respect for what the ground provides.

Just like our beautiful landscape, there’s no limit on ways you can enjoy Native Ground Gin:

Serving suggestion/s

Tonic or soda, we love a simple splash of a Dry Tonic or Soda to let the Native botanicals shine.

If you can get your hands on some fresh finger limes, halve, squeeze, and drop in your glass for a ground-shaking zing-of-a-garnish!


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