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Handpicked, whole bunch Western Barossa Shiraz is macerated in House Gin, delivering soft tannins and rich Shiraz fruit flavours, and subtle juniper, orange, and cinnamon notes.


Tasting notes courtesy of Dave Franz Lehman


Deep Blackcurrant / Boysenberry / Purple / Viscous / Scary / Vibrant Fringing / Unctuous legs

  • A Vibrant promise of rich naughtiness upon first inspection. A casual swirl reveals a certain viscosity and lovely glass staining purple hues


Juniper (phew) / Fennel / Plum / Raspberry / Mulberry / Summer Compote / savoury meaty underlay / mint / Hints of dill seed / sandalwood / Eucalypt / celery seed / Vanilla / Baked Egg Custard / Nutmeg / Cinnamon-Cassia /

  • On the nose the gin affirming Juniper peeks out in a reassuring yet shy manner. The opulent savoury notes of rich ripe intense Amarone like concentrated shiraz spiced with a heady melange of the warm spice spectrum dancing over Aussie Outback identity


Warm / earthy / savoury / smooth / Seductive / balanced sweetness / silky tannins / fiery lifted finish / plum / fennel / mulberry jam / gum leaves / dried oregano-marjoram / Szechuan pepper / pink pepper tree / bramble rose

  • Like the front row of the All-Blacks Scrum it hustles its way into every corner of the mouth. A riotous jumble of fire tannin fruit and punchy savoury goodness. A line of dusty Aussie late morning in summer races up the centre of the palate while cheered on from the sides by a cheer squad of ripe summer berries atop splintered seasoned oak armchairs. The final flourish is the sunset mirage as the flavour train eventually disappears over the horizon.


Delicious pretty much any way you try, as a sipping gin, over ice or a delicious summer cup with a slug of tonic.


38.5% Alc/Vol.

Out of stock

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