Handpicked, whole bunch Western Barossa Shiraz is macerated in House Gin, delivering soft tannins and rich Shiraz fruit flavours, and subtle juniper, orange, and cinnamon notes.

Vintage 2019 Tasting notes courtesy of Dave Franz Lehman


Deep Vermillion with a Black Liquorice core


Aromatics: Liquorice – Orange Peel – Jaffa’s – Dark Chocolate – After Dinner Mint – Figs – Green Olive – Cherries – Raspberries – Rhubarb – Charred Pineapple Jubes – Fennel Seed

  • Lifting the glass and inhaling deeply is the aromatic version of a kaleidoscope for your probiscus. On the rim, the botanical notes dance alluringly around, creating a light sexy enticement to delve deeper. As the nose descends, the spectrum deepens into the fleshy arena of black summer stone fruits and berries intermixed with ripe torn figs and honey. The final aromatic spirals into the shadows is all black liquorice, fennel seed and bitter chocolate


Flavours: Glace Cherries – Dark Chocolate – Caramel – Black Olives – Aniseed – Fennel Seed – Dried Orange – Salted Caramel

  • The first sip glides over the tongue like X-rated love taffy – unctuous – rich – heady – viscous. A compote of black summer fruits, olive tapenade and liquorice allsorts form the centre of the dance. Whirling swirls of preserved orange, olive leaf and spearmint ice cut a ring of fire around the deep pool of black. Jubey ruby red berries hold hands in a ring-a-rosie of sexy delight. Exit plan forgotten… sinking gladly back beneath the naughty chocolate box.


Delicious pretty much any way you try, as a sipping gin, over ice or a delicious summer cup with a slug of tonic.


38.5% Alc/Vol.

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