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Seppeltsfield Rd Distillers

2023 Barossa Semi Gin

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 Moreish, seriously delicious and packed full of flavour! 

Crafted with Semillon grapes from a centenary vineyard in Williamstown, the '23 Barossa Semi Gin is textural and elevated with intense flavours of peach, honeydew melon, maple syrup and dark toffee balanced alongside softer notes of cinnamon and spice.

With low acid, this vintage is juicy and sweet up front with a dry finish and jam packed full of fruit flavour. Using our own maceration technique, juicy Semillon grapes were picked, destemmed and left to steep in our uncut Dry Gin for six weeks, delivering a sweet, yet dry, golden hued, flavoured gin. 

If you loved '22 vintage, this new release will have your heart. A versatile and delicious gin, perfect for sipping neat, enjoying in cocktails or elevating desserts and baking. 

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Serving Suggestions
  • On ice with a slice of lime
  • Topped with Prosecco
  • In a Semi Gin Sangria with ginger ale and lemonade
  • Semi Gin Sour 
  • With ice cream and a gin soaked apple pie 
2023 Barossa Semi Gin

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