Mango Mimosa

Mango Mimosa

Make it brunch any time of day with Seppeltsfield Road Distillers twist on a classic Mimosa.

The Mango Mimosa is the perfect choice for crave a little something special in their brunch routine - it's a delicious nod to tradition with a modern, tropical vibe. Seppeltsfield Road Distillers' bright House Gin with citrus and floral notes, pairs beautifully with the sun-soaked sweetness of Mama Mango. It's refreshingly delicious, with each sip mimicking an original Mimosa, but with a playful, summery, tropical twist.

It's time elevate your brunch game with the Mango Mimosa. We use MamaMango Moscato from Amadio for this recipe.



30ml House Gin
Mama Mango Moscato


Add gin to flute
Top with Mama Mango Moscato
Garnish with thin lime rind curl