Spiced Hot Toddy

Spiced Hot Toddy

Looking for something to warm you up? The Spiced Hot Toddy is a perfectly spiced, winter soother. Served warm it's a balanced mix of all the comforting flavours as the winter chill sets in .... think soothing lemon, honey and ginger combined with the warmth of our Musician's Cut Gin. 


1 Lemon slice
120ml Spiced Tea Mix*
30ml Musician's Cut Gin
15ml Ginger Syrup

*Spiced Tea Mix
1 teabag
300ml Water
2 cinnamon stick
4 cardamom pods
1 star anise
1 tsp honey
10ml Orange Juice
15ml Ginger Syrup
10 Lemon Juice 


Warm lemon and spiced tea mix on cooktop. 
Bring to simmer and remove from heat. 
Pour into mug, add ginger syrup and gin and stir through. 
Add lemon halves and dried orange as garnish, 
Stir and enjoy!