SRD Dry Martini

SRD Dry Martini


The SRD Dry Martini is our take on the classic cocktail. For us it's all about that aromatic, dry goodness, stirred to perfection (because we know stirred, not shaken, is where it's at).  

Our Barossa Dry Gin brings a crisp, clean finish adding a whole lot of flavour, and a touch of class to this classic. 


60ml Barossa Dry Gin
10ml SRD Vermouth 


Fill coupe with ice or take coupe out of freezer or fridge (the colder the better). 
Add gin and vermouth to a mixing glass and stir well. 
Discard ice from coupe and Julep strain gin into Coupe. 
Garnish with thick lemon rind, trimmed and pith removed. 

Note: SRD Vermouth available for purchase via our Tasting Room soon.