My Taw-roni

My Taw-roni

Short, dark, handsome and sweet in nature - Seppeltsfield Road Distillers 'My Taw-roni' is the full package!

A banging winter cocktail, 'My Taw-roni' is complex, balanced, rich and velvety smooth thanks to the combination of Musician's Cut's bold citrus that blends seamlessly with the dark richness Tawny Port

An ideal fireside cocktail here's cheers to the sweet, dark, and handsome pleasures that await!


30ml Musician's Cut Gin
20ml Sweet Vermouth (Maidenii recommended for flavour profile)
30ml Tawny Port
2 drops Orange Bitters (optional)


Add all ingredients into mixing glass on fresh ice
Stir all ingredients on ice for 30 seconds
Strain with julep strainer into glass with fresh ice
Garnish with one thick orange rind twist